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The difference between Ultraformer MPT, Thermage and Sofwave.

Updated: Mar 14

The differences between Ultraformer MPT, Thermage and Sofwave lie in their energy delivery methods and target depths of skin.

Thermage and Sofwave both utilize volumetric heating of tissue fibers in a three-dimensional manner to achieve tightening and lifting effects. However, whether it is Sofwave or Thermage, both treatments deliver energy from the outside to the inside, resulting in difficulty in targeting specific depths such as 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.5mm precisely, and cannot reach the 6.0mm depth like Ultraformer MPT HIFU.  Also will lead to increased discomfort for the patient.

Therefore, they mainly focus on improving fine lines and wrinkles on the superficial skin layer, Thermage and Sofwave treatments fall short in reaching deeper layers effectively. In contrast, Ultrafirmer MPT utilizes high-intensive micro& macro focusing ultrasound technology to precisely target each layer of the skin, heating focal points in a volumetric manner to achieve tightening and lifting effects. Additionally, with the patented DSB mesotherapy solution, Ultraformer MPT can brighten, moisturize, and shrink pores, thereby improving skin texture from the inside out. (Reference: Precision Aesthetics)

MPT HIFU 10D 钢筋索超声炮 与索夫波/热玛吉的比较: 热玛吉与索夫波的治疗原理均通过立体式容积加热组织纤维,以达到目标范围的紧致提升效果。然而,无论是索夫波还是热玛吉,两者的治疗温度由外而内递减,无法针对特定的1.5、2.0、3.0、4.5mm等多层次精准治疗,也无法达到如MPT HIFU 10D 钢筋索 超声炮 所拥有的6.0mm深度,因此主要仍以浅层皮肤的细纹及皱纹改善较为显著。 而MPT 钢筋索则通过高能量双聚焦音波技术,能精准聚焦皮肤各层,分层容积式加热热凝结点,达到紧致,提拉,先加上专利水光,还可美白补水缩小毛孔,由内而外改变肤质。( Reference: 精究美学)

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UltraformerIII vs. Other HIFU: Which is better?

While both UltraformerIII and HIFU use high intensity focused ultrasound technology to promote collagen regeneration and tighten body tissues.

Ultraformer III is considered to be a more advanced treatment.

This is because Ultraformer III is the world’s only Micro and Macro- Focused Ultrasound system.

The patented transducer delives more efficient, accurate and higher frequency of ultrasound energy and delivers it in shorter bursts, allowing for more precise and controlled heating of the body tissues.

In conclusion, Ultraformer III is a more advanced and effective treatment than traditional HIFU.

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