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MPT HIFU (417D): Face + chin+neck

MPTHIFU face+double chin+neck lifting, tightening. Mother's daySale!was$3880 $2280now, limited

  • 3 hr
  • 2,280 Australian dollars
  • Selborne Street

Service Description

Ultraformer MPT goes beyond conventional HIFU by embracing MMHIFU, signifying More Accurate and Consistent outcomes. This heightened accuracy ensures a targeted approach, providing users with results that are both reliable and tailored to their unique skin needs. 2. Dual Modes for Enhanced Results: One of the standout features of Ultraformer MPT is its versatile functionality with two distinct modes. In the Normal mode, a single shot creates 17 dots of thermal coagulation points, ensuring effective treatment. However, the game-changer lies in the MP mode, where a single shot generates a staggering 417 dots of thermal coagulation points. This advanced mode maximizes coverage, offering unparalleled precision in addressing specific skin concerns. 3. Revolutionary Booster Cartridges: Innovation takes centre stage with Ultraformer MPT's incorporation of booster cartridges. Not only does their compact design guarantee comprehensive coverage across the facial landscape, overcoming the limitations of other HIFU devices, but they also serve a dual purpose. These boosters facilitate the delivery of patented active ingredients to targeted layers of the skin, a feat previously unattainable by other HIFU technologies. This revolutionary approach ensures a more holistic and customizable skincare experience. In conclusion, the Ultraformer MPT's ascendancy in the world of HIFU is attributed to its MMHIFU precision, dual-mode functionality for enhanced results, and the groundbreaking integration of booster cartridges. As a testament to its efficacy, this cutting-edge technology not only addresses the challenges faced by traditional HIFU systems but propels non-invasive skin tightening into a new era of accuracy and innovation.

Cancellation Policy

24 hours cancellation policy

Contact Details

  • 2/5 Selborne Street, Mount Gravatt East QLD, Australia


Address: Shop2, 5 Selborne Street, Mt Gravatt East, Brisbane, Queesland.4122
Contact No.: 0493263319

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