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How to choose HIFU treatment

Updated: Mar 25

When there are many clinics claimed they have HIFU treatment, 10D, 12D, 21D HIFU, are you confused?


Firstly, HIFU is not a brand or equipment name, it’s a tape of technology: Hight Intensive Focused Ultrasound. MMHIFU stands for Micro& Macro HIFU, which offers more accuracy and consistency.

Copy machine won’t work as result means high energy and consistency and being precise,

that’s why a lot of people said HIFU doesn’t do anything for them.

How to know if it's the right equipment?

1.       When the ads dont mention the Brand name of the HIFU equipment in the public.

2.       They only talk about 12D HIFU, 14D HIFU, 21DHIFU, sounds higher Numbers indicate better technology, but if you ask them what’s D stands for or specific about those 'D's, most won't be able to answer. Additionally, if you ask which brand of equipment they use, they will PM you only.

Secondly, the right practitioner.

From some video shared by influencers, there are some operational mistakes.

In short, you should know that when operating HIFU, you always go from the deepest to the superficial layer. For example: 4.5mm -3.0mm-2.0mm, Once you passed through 2.0mm, you shouldn't go back to do 3.0mm in the same area.

Another important point is that only 2.0mm or 1.5mm can go through the forehead and undereye, if your operator uses 3.0mm go over your forehead or temple you should stop them.

The beauty of Ultraformer MPT HIFU treatment is not just see some "Wow" immediate results but also, you'll receive customized treatment because everybody is different (we always measure your skin thickness first) and the experience is definitely matters.

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UltraformerIII vs. Other HIFU: Which is better?

While both UltraformerIII and HIFU use high intensity focused ultrasound technology to promote collagen regeneration and tighten body tissues.

Ultraformer III is considered to be a more advanced treatment.

This is because Ultraformer III is the world’s only Micro and Macro- Focused Ultrasound system.

The patented transducer delives more efficient, accurate and higher frequency of ultrasound energy and delivers it in shorter bursts, allowing for more precise and controlled heating of the body tissues.

In conclusion, Ultraformer III is a more advanced and effective treatment than traditional HIFU.

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